A. Establishment of St.James Kilolo Secondary School

The presence of St. James Kilolo Secondary School is the result of the implementation of the constructive idea raised by Orphans and Social Development Organization Executive Committee Meeting held at Kilolo Parish on 12th May, 2007 under the Chairmanship of our beloved late Reverend Father   Victor Anthony  Ngalembula who was the Parish Priest of the said parish.

The OSDO Executive Committee, having been concerned with the tremendous increase of the number of orphans to 3,000 only from Kilolo district, thought it fit to establish its own school so as to reduce the cost of educating these less privileged children in different secondary schools.

Indeed this has proved success as all orphans here get education free of charge unlike what would happen if they were to be sent to other secondary schools.

It was sometimes at the end of November, 2007  when the idea of constructing the school started to be materialized through the generosity of one International Charity from Australia by name Youth Off Streets, Overseas Relief Fund.


B. Registration of the school and its consequential effects.

Although the construction was underway, with the confidence that one day it will be over, in 2010 our school was for the first time registered as Advanced level secondary school.  OSDO Executive committee collaborating with the Roman Catholic Church out of prudence found it wise to start operating the school with few buildings and resources which were available at the time Excellent Education for Creativity, Self-Reliance and Sustainable Development being our Motto.

For the first time 20 orphans were admitted to join form five, among them 13 were boys and 7 were girls.

Unfortunately enough, these poor children could not be able to finish up their studies here at St. James due to  the fact that  the government(Educational Inspection Department) demanded that our school had no enough facilities.

So the school administration was advised either to phase out the then available students or to shift and pay for them to another secondary school in order to accomplish their studies.

That being the case, then the school administration opted to shift the students to the day school known as Mwembetogwa Secondary School.

While studying there at the cost of the Youth Off The Streets, these students through the generosity of John and Robyn Ballesty from Australia, were accommodated  at St. John’s Orphanage Ipogolo within the Iringa Municipality.

Due to the unreliability and uncertainty of A-level students, OSDO Executive Committee after deeply scrutinizing, came up with the new idea of re-registering the school as Ordinary level secondary school.  Consequently, the school started operating as ordinary level secondary school with effect from 2012.  It is really in this year when the first students were admitted as form one students being  87 in number of whom 48 were boys and 39 were girls.