Having spoken much about the school historical background, curricular activities and extra-curricular activities that our school involves itself in, let me use this special juncture also to air out some of the vivid achievements our school has attained in different aspects. The first one is the tremendous increase of number of students from twenty (20) at the commencement of the school to 250 in 2014 of whom 32 are  orphans, 11 boys and 21 girls. Definitely next year the total number of the students will probably be around 400.

Secondly, by the time the school started operating there were only 6 buildings but now the school comprises of 15 buildings.  That means, there is an increase of ten buildings within seven years.  Thanks to the Youth Off The Streets, Overseas Relief Fund, The Ballesty family from Australia, The Italian Bishops’ Conference( Conferenza Episcopale Italiana), Porticus-Amsterdam, Caritas Antoniana, Caritas Italiana and the Rt.Rev.Bishop Tarcisius Joseph.M Ngalalekumtwa the Local Ordinary of our Catholic Diocese of Iringa and Chief Patron of our School for the special love to us.

Availability of TANESCO electricity is also another step forward.  Previously, the school depended entirely on its own generator for electricity service.  But now because of  valuable and precious contributions made by the herein above donors,  we are now enjoying this reliable electricity service supplied by Tanzania National Electricity Supply Company (TANESCO).

St. James Kilolo Secondary school is now 3 years old, with the tremendous increase of the students from 20 at its commencement to 250 at the present. It is really a reasonable positive progress to our school to be proud of.

Although our school is found in the rural area, the availability of internet service makes us feel as if we are in urban area.  With internet service we can surf for current information worldwide, our students also can get access to different materials for their academic betterment. In addition to that, we occasionally use internet service for communication with other school on academic matters.  In short it has been really very helpful not only to students but also to the entire community of St. James Kilolo Secondary School.

Another achievement one may speak about is the availability of the two well equipped laboratories. Today we have Physics laboratory and Chemistry laboratory. These two laboratories are indeed satisfactorily equipped with both laboratory tools and chemicals.  With the presence of these laboratories our students are now able to study science subjects both theoretically and practically. Thanks to Porticus from Amsterdam for furnishing our laboratories.

Another achievement is a regular monthly salary payment to the workers.  Payment of salaries to St. James is not a problem at all.  Normally after twenty five days St. James workers” bank accounts are pregnated with cash.  This regular payment of salaries enables the workers always to have shining faces and direct almost all their efforts to make sure that students are provided with not only education but quality education.


Our beloved guests only three days ago, we the community of St. James were exceedingly pleased to get good news from the Hon. Tony Stewart that the Bass Hill High School of Australia has donated to St. James about 3000 different books worth almost USD 30,000.  We really appreciate your efforts to enable us reach our goals in academic sphere of influence.

“Our beloved guest’s wise people say no achievement without challenges”