Despite the curricular activities, our students also involve themselves in extra curricular activities such as sports and environment conservation.  As for sports and games we have football, volleyball, netball and some indoor games like draft.  We have been participating in different inter-school match competition. We have been contacting matches with different Schools like Kilolo Secondary School and Lord’s Hill Secondary School and our School never gets lost.

As regards to environment conservation, our students in cooperation with the whole team of staff members pay a great heed to this.  To facilitate and make this exercise possible, our school has established a system known as House system.  This house system consists of four houses, each dormitory (boy’s dormitory: Sydney,Vatican,Acraa and Sao Paolo and girl’s dormitory: Pope Francis,Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, St. Peter and St. Pope John Paul II) with its own assigned location within the school premises to work on.  Some of the normal activities to be done by these houses are planting trees decorating school premises and doing regular maintenance of the school environment image.  In order to motivate student’s in house working, inspection is normally carried out twice per month and the houses which do better than others are awarded.

Regular maintenance of school buildings is also another activity that our school involves itself in.  But this is normally done not by the students but by school administration through the generosity of the donors and  funds obtained from internal sources like school fees and other contributions made by parents.

We also plant timber trees for the future sustainability of our school. It is our plan that we plant 10 acres every year so that after ten years we can be able to expand our school on our own efforts.