The primary role of St. James Kilolo Secondary School among others is to provide the students with an excellent education. And the academic excellence of our school was for the first time proved in the Form II Mock examination Results of 2013 where St. James Kilolo Secondary School came up the first among 36 schools within the District.

As that not being enough, again in the National Form II examination results of 2013, our school held number 1 within the District, number 6 in the region comprising of 144  schools and number 12 in the Zone consisting of 430 schools.

Last August, our school for the second time has held the first position out of 38 schools in 2014 Form II Mock Examination.

For the young school like ours, to hold the first position two times District wise consecutively just at the commencement of the school, is really and reasonably a good start.

However it is our wish to do better in the coming National examination which is probably going to be commenced in November this year 2014.

In order to attain and maintain academic excellence, our school has set up the following hereunder  strategies.

First conducting English debates with other good secondary schools.  The main purpose of doing so is to improve the student’s English speaking ability and to create confidence for them to speak before a mass of people.  Secondly, going for study tours, and thirdly administering both domestic examination and inter-schools examination.  Awarding the best students and best teachers is also another way of attaining and maintaining academic excellence.  The school has set up the way of nominating and awarding best students in academics.  This helps to motivate the student to perform better not only in domestic examinations but also in Inter-schools examination